Native American Tribes

Gaming has long been the primary economic engine for Native American tribes. Many tribes are turning to energy as a new vehicle for economic development, bringing new jobs to the reservation, diversifying their sources of revenue and enhancing sovereignty.

Tribes are uniquely positioned for success in the energy industry. Progressive thinking and access to significant natural resources provide tremendous opportunities for energy development.

Avant is dedicated to creating lasting value for Tribes. Our specialties include:

Strategic Energy Plans – Avant helps Tribes prioritize their investments in the energy industry. We pride ourselves on objectively evaluating alternatives and recommending actionable plans that balance economics and the environment.

Energy Project Planning and Development – Avant helps Tribes in all phases of project development. From early planning stages through development and operations, Avant has a cross-functional team that is dedicated to creating lasting value to Tribes.

Tribal Utility Formation – Tribes have the unique opportunity to enhance sovereignty, support economic development, and keep electric revenues on the Reservation by forming tribal utilities. Avant supports the planning, formation, and management of tribal utilities.

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