Mission, Vision, & Values

Over 30 years of experience in energy consulting, project development, and management services. We work with our clients to develop innovative, yet practical solutions based on the overarching belief that “better is possible.”


Avant’s mission is to develop and effectively deliver innovative energy projects and services that create value for our clients, communities, employees, and shareholders. We base our services on a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and objectives, while taking into account current and future economic and industry conditions.


At Avant, we believe that “better is possible.” Each day we strive to better understand, make better decisions and achieve better results for our clients.

To accomplish this:

  • We have developed an organization of high-performing people who work together to deliver outstanding results.
  • We work to identify and develop new technology for use in projects that improve energy production, delivery, and use.


  • We seek opportunity for both our clients and our company.
  • We seek promising people and help them develop skills and judgment so they have the opportunity for meaningful careers at Avant.
  • We take a long-term view while understanding short-term needs.
  • We are accountable and produce high-quality work.
  • All that we do should create value for our clients, communities, employees, and shareholders.

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