Utility Management

Avant’s utility management team supports utilities and power agencies in their effort to deliver economic and reliable power. Our deep understanding of energy markets and the regulations that govern those markets affords our team the ability to create value for our clients.

With extensive training and experience in long-term planning, risk management, resource planning, and financial analysis, we can assist utilities in a wide variety of initiatives, including: Power Supply Planning, Energy Procurement and Hedging, Asset Management, Dispatching and Administrative Services.

Power Supply Planning. Utilities need a comprehensive road map for providing reliable and least-cost electric service while addressing the substantial risks and uncertainties inherent in the electric utility business. We help utilities develop strategic plans and assess long-run economic and operational performance of alternative resource portfolios. More specifically, Avant assists utilities in:

  • Evaluating short and long-term capacity requirements
  • Analyzing the impact of demand side management programs
  • Developing a diversified energy supply plan that includes new generating capacity, power purchases, energy conservation, cogeneration and district energy, and renewable energy
  • Identifying risks and developing mitigation plans
  • Assessing regulatory changes and developing compliance plans

Energy Procurement and Hedging. Energy prices are dynamic and difficult to predict. Making smart energy procurement decisions help utilities weather market ups and downs. Avant helps manage our clients’ short and long-term energy risk through proactive buying, trading and hedging. Our trading and hedging activities include:

  • Electricity procurement and hedging
  • Natural gas procurement and hedging
  • Risk management assessments

Asset Management. It is difficult to maximize the value of generating assets given the large number of variables impacting the production of electricity. We support our clients in strengthening a generating asset’s operating margin. Our asset manager’s primary objective is high availability, as availability is the key factor in extracting value over the life of a generating asset. We work with clients to:

  • Improve asset performance and profitability
  • Manage operation and maintenance contractors
  • Manage fuel procurement
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Coordinate with dispatching/scheduling
  • Manage annual budgets and capital projects

Dispatching. Energy prices adjust quickly, and our team ensures clients capitalize on market opportunities. Avant helps clients increase margins by developing and executing strategies for the effective dispatch of their generating assets. Our dispatch services include:

  • Seeking profit opportunities in day ahead and real time markets
  • Monitoring market fluctuations and system outages
  • Scheduling generation, fuel and transmission daily
  • Economically dispatching intermittent resources such as wind

Administrative Services. Shifting regulatory requirements and market rules require up-to-date knowledge and thoughtful administration of utility processes. Our utility management team has the regulatory, financial and accounting resources to help clients manage administrative responsibilities such as:

  • Settlements
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • NERC compliance
  • FERC compliance
  • Market and ISO rule compliance