Municipal Utilities

The energy industry is undergoing immense change, requiring utility managers to find the optimal balance between business-as-usual and forward thinking.

Many utilities are struggling to keep up with challenges including:

  • Flat or declining load
  • Increasing customer demand for choices regarding rate structures, generation mix, and distributed generation
  • Rapidly changing technologies, including decreasing wind, solar, and storage costs
  • An aging workforce and organizational change

Avant offers a variety of services to help our clients avoid getting surprised by changes in the industry. Our team of experts helps our clients leverage change and become more customer-centric. Avant works with municipal utilities to:

  • Perform strategic planning services that take a comprehensive look at all functions of the utility, including mission refinement as well as organizational management, power supply planning, and financial management.
  • Review rate structures to ensure appropriate cost recovery and allocation between customer classes
  • Develop new rates to provide customers with more power supply choices and compensate owners of distributed generation
  • Support economic development through innovative rate design and marketing initiatives
  • Help utility management communicate strategic plans and rate changes to governing bodies, customers, and the community

In addition to planning for the future, Avant understands the importance of efficiently executing day-to-day operations. We realize utility fundamentals keep rates competitive. We create value for our clients by helping them:

  • Operate efficiently and effectively
  • Better manage their generation assets
  • Understand and hedge risk
  • Reduce the complexity and cost of regulatory compliance

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