The energy industry has grown increasingly complex. Fragmented electricity markets, volatile fuel prices and shifting regulations make it difficult for communities, utilities and large energy users to manage their energy risk.

Over the last 30 years, Avant’s consulting team has successfully guided its clients through the unpredictable energy landscape and delivered customized solutions that deliver immediate and long-term value.

Our in-house team has diverse backgrounds in management, finance, engineering, economics, accounting, and law. This allows us to address a wide range of issues, create value for our clients and deliver cost-effective solutions.

Our energy consulting services include Energy Planning, Energy Operations Advisor and Utility Formation Advisor:

Energy Planning. We assist communities, utilities and large energy users in mapping their sources and uses of energy and developing short, intermediate and long-term strategies that balance economics and the environment. Key elements of energy planning include:

  • Energy sources and uses assessments
  • Renewable and conventional energy resource assessments
  • Renewable portfolio standard compliance planning
  • Energy technology assessments
  • Energy and fuel supply planning and procurement

Energy Operations Advisor. Avant helps clients strengthen operations, reduce costs and minimize impacts on the environment—three objectives that are difficult to achieve simultaneously. Avant helps clients succeed through:

  • Mitigating electricity and fuel price exposure
  • Conventional and renewable energy
  • Distributed generation planning
  • Process improvement and cost reduction
  • Regulatory compliance

Utility Formation Advisor. We help our clients to become their own provider and distributor of electricity. Avant supports clients in building and operating independent, economically viable and reliable utilities. Avant has extensive experience in all phases of utility development, including:

  • Assessing viability of an electric utility
  • Facilitating legal and regulatory requirements
  • Conducting wholesale and retail price analysis
  • Developing a business plan and pro forma financials
  • Assisting with incumbent utility negotiations