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Project Profile: BioPower – Hometown BioEnergy

At Avant, we support renewable, efficient solutions to the world’s complex energy challenges. We see tremendous opportunities to redefine the term “waste” and believe bioenergy can help utilities, large waste producers, food processors, and communities to create value from waste streams and reduce overall energy costs.

Hometown BioEnergy – one of the largest facilities of its kind in the U.S. – Developed by our in-house team, Hometown Bioenergy is an innovative facility using agricultural and food wastes to produce 8MW of electricity. The facility generates renewable electrical energy through anaerobic digestion to create methane gas. The process squeezes every ounce of value possible from the waste products delivered to the plant’s door.

Our team provides objective, analytical, and actionable energy plans for our clients to evaluate a wide range of facility concepts and technology options. When BioPower potential exists, we determine feasibility and develop conceptual designs that fulfill our client’s specific needs. We assess the types of organic waste available within the region and create a flexible facility, designed to efficiently convert the area specific organic waste into renewable power.

BioPower, unlike intermittent wind and solar resources, provides high value dispatchable and reliable power. We take our clients from project concept to completion; guiding them through the entire project lifecycle of planning, design, permitting, community relations, construction, commissioning and operations.